Our mission is to bring a renewed vitality to Total Annihilation by making every unit relevant without compromising the essence of the original game. We acknowledge the inherent conflict in our goals, aiming for a middle ground that retains the familiar pace and strategies while infusing new life into underutilised units.

1. Maximising Unit Relevance

Our primary objective is to ensure that every unit in ProTA serves a meaningful purpose within the gameplay. Through careful adjustments and enhancements, we strive to make all units useful, offering players a diverse array of strategic options without diminishing the core Total Annihilation experience.

2. Preserving the Total Annihilation Experience

We are committed to maintaining the original pace and strategies that players know and love. ProTA seeks to retain the familiar feel of Total Annihilation, allowing players to employ classic strategies and tactics while incorporating the newfound usefulness of units.

3. Affordability and Pace

ProTA adopts a strategic approach to unit balancing, prioritising either the reduction of costs for weaker units or strengthening within the current cost framework, depending on the unit and situation. The decision between these two options is made on a case-by-case basis, ensuring the best fit for each unit. Importantly, ProTA strives to avoid increasing costs, maintaining affordability and pace. This ensures units are affordable and replaceable, readily deployable to contribute to the action as soon as possible. ProTA underscores the significance of fighting over and reclaiming wreck fields, adhering to the original game's emphasis on dynamic play rather than adopting a passive strategy of waiting for expensive units to be constructed.

4. Minimal Changes to Established Units

Acknowledging the significance of player familiarity, ProTA strives to make minimal adjustments to frequently used units. This approach ensures that gameplay retains its distinctive identity, staying true to the essence of the original units while providing a sense of continuity for seasoned players.

5. Asymmetric Balance between Arm and Core

ProTA recognises that Arm and Core factions are not mirrored but are balanced asymmetrically. This deliberate asymmetry contributes to the richness of gameplay dynamics, allowing for diverse strategies and interactions between the factions. Importantly, ProTA aims for a balanced asymmetry that ensures both Arm and Core factions remain viable choices on all maps. The goal is to provide players with the freedom to choose their preferred faction without being constrained by the map, fostering a diverse and strategic playing environment.

6. Community Feedback and Evolution

ProTA is built upon the extensive experience and insights of long-time, high level players of the original game. To maintain ProTA's integrity, we prioritise input grounded in real-world gameplay experiences, especially valuing perspectives from seasoned players. However, all feedback is valuable, regardless of experience, provided it aligns with the mod's goals and is substantiated with evidence or replays.

7. Real-World Gameplay over Numbers Critique

ProTA highly values feedback grounded in genuine gameplay experiences. While numbers and data are important, our primary focus is on the real impact of changes in live matches. We approach critiques based solely on game files with caution, recognising the concrete goals we aim to achieve in practical gameplay. It's important to note that some of the data can be misleading in different ways, and our emphasis on real-world experiences helps to navigate through potential discrepancies.

8. Enhancing Gameplay Interaction

ProTA is dedicated to refining the player experience by enhancing the user interface and usability within the constraints of the TA engine. With the addition of intuitive hotkeys and an extended build menu, our aim is to make navigation more seamless and player-friendly. We recognise the limitations imposed by the engine but strive to optimise the available interface elements for improved gameplay accessibility.

By navigating the challenges that arise and exploring exciting possibilities, our commitment to honoring Total Annihilation's legacy persists. Our goal is clear: to craft the ultimate Total Annihilation mod that both seasoned veterans and newcomers can proudly call their own. We deeply appreciate our community's insights, which contribute to the delicate balance of our conflicting goals. As we strive to enhance your gaming experience, we hope we've done our players proud, by elevating Total Annihilation gameplay to new heights. Here's to another 4000 years of total war.